Hans in Chicago – Act 4

Hans probed further

Hans probed further: “Well, I think Obama is really great. He is so smart, a real intellectual, not like George W. Bush. I mean, Bush could hardly formulate intelligent sentences.”

Nancy cringed, but tried not to show it. Maria was in full agreement, but smiled discreetly. Jack, no fan of Bush, responded: “Well, maybe Bush wasn’t an intellectual by European standards, but he did graduate from Yale, then got his MBA from Harvard.”

Which led Hans to say: “Yes, of course. But he was a Yale legacy. His father and grandfather had gone to Yale. So he got accepted. And fellow students said he was a weak academically.”

Hans was proud to show how well informed he was. And he was: “And wouldn’t it be great to have an African-American president?” His eyes were wide open and all lit up. “Think about it. Not long after two hundred years of slavery, to have a black man in the White House. Awesome!”

Nancy began to focus in on Hans. Maria, with her Latin American background, liked what Hans had to say, even if he was a bit too direct. Jack, too, was proud that America truly did offer opportunity to all, saying: “Yeah, sure. But in the end the key is what he and the Democrats will actually do if they win the election.”

Evelyn then asked if the Americans had seen news reports about Obama’s speech in Berlin in front of over two hundred thousand people: “It was unbelievable. Not since John F. Kennedy’s speech in the August 1963 was there so much excitement! Bush did not go over so well with us Europeans.”

Hans corrected her: “Not with us Germans. He was too unilateral. Ignored the International Court in the Hague. Went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq without any real consultation with us. He was a real cowboy. Shoot first, then ask questions. How could the majority of Americans vote for him? And twice!”

What’s happening here?