Job Swap – Act 5

The Cost of Cultural Misunderstanding

What if Luke and Theo had failed? What would have been the overall damage to the engineering organization had Luke and Theo failed in their leadership roles?

If they had switched back after six months? If productivity in their teams had decreased by 10%? If their respective organizations produced results suboptimal by 10%? Can you estimate those costs if this situation were in your own company?

Leading translatlantic Teams
Ok, let’s extrapolate. We assume that there are clear differences in how Americans and Germans lead, and want to be led. And that these differences have immediate and constant impact on transatlantic teams.

Look at you company. Estimate how many organizations – on different levels, and in different areas – involve Americans leading Germans or Germans leading Americans. Similar to Luke and Theo.

Then assume that due to cultural differences their productivity, and their results, are reduced by 5%. Estimate that cost to the company.

Are we missing anything?