What a shame ! – Act 3

Annoyed but Interested

The following week, Wednesday evening late, Anna has time to get to Steven‘s email. She recognizes immediately that the information was thrown together hastily. It takes her an hour just to put the material into some kind of logical order, thinking to herself: „Can you believe this?“

Anna emails Steven: “Too much information. Send the project charter. And please state simply what you need.” Steven reads and thinks: “She doesn‘t know what to send over to me? That‘s why I sent her the background information!”

He writes back: “Because we don‘t know about your project from last year, Anna, it is difficult for me to know what results you produced. Hoping you would figure that out. Can we discuss tomorrow by phone?“

Anna reads Steven‘s email during lunch and realizes that he will continue following up until he gets what he needs. And FastTrack does sound interesting. She wants to be helpful, so she decides to schedule a phone call with Steven.

Steven and Anna continue to miscommunicate. What’s going on here?