What a shame! – Act 6

An Email 

Steven decides to speak with his boss: „I may need your help. The German side is dragging its tail.“ Craig Smith: „Should I make a phone call or send an email?”

Steven gave it some thought, then got the email address of Dr. Klaus Habermas, who is Craig Smith’s counterpart in Germany at the same management level.

He formulated an email from Smith to Habermas asking for better cooperation.

Habermas reads the email. He has worked with Americans, and sensed what was happening. Americans like to escalate up the hierarchy in order to apply pressure.

Habermas was annoyed, but forwarded the email to several people, including to Anna. She immediately suspected Steven. She was not the least bit amused, to put it mildly.

Anna decided to send an email to her boss, who reported directly to Habermas: „You know how impatient the Americans can be. They‘ll get solid data from me. They just have to be patient.“

Have things come to a head?
Is this the breaking point? What will happen?